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How to Extend Your Gas Furnace’s Life

Tips to help your gas furnace run efficiently

Gas furnaces are built to last for many years. You can also extend the time significantly by performing preventive maintenance on a regular basis. The following tips can help your gas furnace run as efficiently as possible for the maximum amount of time and limit the number of expensive repairs you need to have performed in the future.


1. Play Things Safe

Before any maintenance work is started, be sure the working conditions are safe. Turn all of your system’s power off if you are going to be doing anything other than just replacing a filter. This can be done by tripping the circuit running to your furnace. In addition, if you smell any gas, don’t try fixing the furnace yourself. Leave your house immediately and contact the local gas utility company or fire department. Don’t go back to house until your home has been checked for gas leaks by professionals.

Replacing the air filter will extend your furnace’s life and improve air quality.


2. Replace Your Furnace’s Air Filter

One of the easier maintenance tasks that you can do is to replace the furnace air filer. Gas furnace filters trap lint, dust and other types of debris. They are prevented from going into the furnace, where malfunctions can occur or they could end up getting distributed throughout your house. Air filters trap all types of debris, so you should replace them two times a year so that your system functions correctly.gas furnace

The filter is either between the return air duct and blower or in the blower door. It should be easy to remove; however, the door might need to be pried open with a screwdriver slightly in order to gain access to it. If the filer appears to be clogged and dirty, put in a new one to replace it. Always note what the direction of the airflow is so that you insert the new filter going in the right direction.


3. Clean your Furnace

Although the gas furnace filter captures a lot of the debris and dirt from air, some does still get through. When you are replacing the filter, clean the belts, pulleys and blower assembly. This area can be accessed by removing the panel that slides out from the fan unit or covers the filter. Screws might be holding it in place, so don’t use an excessive amount of force. Locate the screws, take them off and then use a damp cloth to clean them.


4. Have an Inspection Done

To ensure that your heater is running at its maximum efficiency, and to prevent expensive problems from taking place, you should have your heater inspected and serviced by a professional ever year. Have this done once the heating season comes to end. If your HVAC system includes an air conditioner, they can both be inspected together.

Like any other major appliance in your house, proper maintenance is absolutely essential to ensure that your gas furnace last as long as possible. If you have routine inspections done by a qualified service provider and follow these simple tips, you can get maximum use from your home’s furnace.

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