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Are You Ready for an Annual Furnace Inspection?

While it is no secret that your Ottawa home’s heating system is one of your most expensive investments, your furnace is also usually the most neglected appliance that you have in your home especially in hot climates. Because furnaces remain untouched in storage during spring and summer months, they are subject to collecting dust, dirt, and other debris that build up within the blowers and other electrical components. The importance of an annual furnace inspection cannot be overstated.

When there is an excessive build up of sediments within your furnace and it does not get cleared out, you run the risk of endangering the life of your heating system as well as your health and even your finances. The good news is that all these can be easily averted with an annual furnace inspection conducted by a certified heating technician. Yes, a yearly maintenance can be an additional expense, but the cost is minimal compared to having an emergency maintenance repair or even replacing an entire unit that prematurely expired. On top of that, the cost of an annual furnace inspection is worth every penny when you begin reaping the monetary and medical perks from having a well maintained and clean heating system.

For starters, it is every Ottawa homeowner’s responsibility to do the basic maintenance of a furnace before turning it back on. This upkeep includes the very simple task of regularly changing the filters and dusting and wiping off some furnace parts. A tune-up and proper cleaning can be handed over to the very capable hands of a certified furnace technician so that all components are checked and cleaned as needed. If you’re wondering what technicians do on an annual furnace inspection, here are the things that they do:

  • Do a safety test for carbon monoxide
  • Clear the fireplace and flue from dangerous debris
  • Clean and re-install filters as needed
  • Check safety controls and operation of thermostat
  • Check and clean the gas pilot safety system
  • Clean the motor and the fan
  • Verify if the blower is properly working
  • Check the condition, tension, and alignment of the fan belt
  • Clean burners for proper combustion and ignition
  • Check gas pipes
  • Make all necessary adjustments for the heating system

There is a long list of great benefits from having an annual furnace inspection which includes preventing future emergency repairs, significantly boosting indoor air quality that will also lessen health-related problems such as allergies and asthma, achieving greater energy efficiency, and unbelievable savings on heating and energy charges.

There is nothing more relaxing than spending an entire heating season in the comfort of your home without wondering if your heating system will make it through the brutal cold of the night. If you have not made an appointment for your annual furnace annual yet, now is the best time to reach for that phone and dial the number.

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